To serve the evolutionary purpose.


Customized innovation service. niu sparks enthusiasm for innovation! It supports this sensitive process from ideation to implementation with handpicked specialists who care about humans, our planet and your success. niu launches innovation processes by enhancing the receptivity of all involved individuals.


Markus Humbel ‐ founder and owner of niu ‐ is a innovation expert and mindfulness trainer for 30 years. His experience of merging spirituality and business is quite unique. His wide and colorful network is based on integrity, competence, passion and a strong sense for the evolutionary purpose.


FOCUSMEDIA educational platform for media professionals (successfully transformed, CEO)

ZENQIGONG – mindful leadership, resilience (since 1998, still in progress – founder, owner)

COSMIC WATCH – the worlds first 3D astronomical clock (on the rise – founder, partner)


PEPPADEW – a new fruit experience (successfully established – sold)

CHOCLO – the worlds first sparkling chocolate (sparkling project, failed – founder, partner)
ANTON MOSIMANN – products from the queen‘s chef (project – licencee, partner)
MALDON SALT – the best salt in the world. Period! (successfully established – sold)

MFO MEHRWERTFABRIK OERLIKON – the innovation manufactory (in progress, partner)